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Frequently Asked Questions

CO2 Inflators & Cartridges

What is CO2?
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pure and natural gas that is a component of the Earth’s atmosphere. Humans and animals exhale CO2 and then plants absorb it to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which humans and animals depend on for survival.

Is CO2 safe to use?

Consumer products such as beverage carbonation, fire extinguishers, life jackets, soda siphons, and tire inflators have used CO2 safely for many years. 

Why use CO2 instead of just air?

Genuine Innovations’ CO2 inflators are quick, safe, easy to use, and provide years of dependable service. Our CO2 cylinders are a very cost effective and portable power solution for tire inflation. If you are tired of exhausting your arms with a hand pump, or serious about improving your time in a race, use CO2 to get back onto the road or trail quickly.

How much CO2 do I need?

Check out our handy CO2 inflation chart to determine how much CO2 your specific tire size will need.

How much do Genuine Innovations' 16 gram and 20 gram CO2 cartridges weigh?

A full 16 gram CO2 cartridge weights 56.8 grams. A full 20 gram CO2 cylinder weighs 69.7 grams.

What is the size of the threading on a threaded Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridge?

Our threaded CO2 cartridges have standard threading (3/8”-24)

Are Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridges food grade?

Though food compliant, our CO2 cartridges are not food grade. Food grade cylinders are manufactured using a process that cleans the cylinders inside and out before filling, and has all of the appropriate government paperwork to accompany it. Food compliant means basically that the cylinders are produced in the same manner as a food grade cylinder, without the government certification. Our cylinders are produced in that manner, but our factory isn’t certified to label their product “food grade.”

How long can I keep store of a cartridge of CO2 once I have breached the seal?

The AirChuck, Ultraflate and HammerHead inflators have permeation resistant seals, so they average only about 0.5 grams of gas loss per month. The Microflate Nano has a more forgiving seal that aids in its function, but you’ll lose your gas a bit faster at 3 grams per month.

Which CO2 tire inflator should I buy?

Go with the "flow" with this infographic that pairs you up with the right CO2 bicycle tire inflator. Let's make a CO2 match!

How much CO2 does one cartridge dispense?

It depends on the size of the tire. For example, for a standard ATV tire, one 16 gram cartridge can fill a fully flat tire to 3 psi. For a standard dirt bike tire, one 16 gram cartridge can fill a fully flat tire to about 15 psi. Please reference our CO2 Inflation Chart to determine how much CO2 your specific tire size would need. 

Press On Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter

What is the Press On Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter?
Our popular Presta Valve Adapter has a new and improved design. It now easily presses onto the Presta valve, it fits all Presta valves, and it can be used with any tire pump, inflator or gauge. 

How to use the Press On Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter:

1. Loosen the nut on the Presta valve core and press down
2. Press on the Presta Valve Adapter
3. Use your favorite tire pump, inflator or gauge
4. Remove the Presta Valve Adapter and tighten the nut on the Presta valve core

PRO TIP: You can store the Presta Valve Adapter on your valve after you use it.

Click here to download the Press On Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter Education Sheet


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Genuine Innovations Account

Do I have to create an account?
No. You can check out as a guest if you do not want to create an account. But creating an account has many benefits, see below.


What are the benefits of having an account?
With an account, you can more easily check the status of your order, track shipping, view past orders, process a return and securely store your payment methods.

I forgot my password, can you help?
To reset your password, please visit the account log-in screen and select the “I forgot my password” link. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-888-457-5463 and we can help you reset your password.

Genuine Innovations Orders

How can I place an order?
You can place an order online at or over the phone at 888-457-5463.

What payment types do you support?
We currently support all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We do not accept PayPal, Bitcoin, cash, mail orders or purchase orders.

How do I know if the product I want is in stock?
If the product displays the option to Add to Cart, then the product is in stock. If a product is not available to purchase online, the product page will say Available In-Store Only and you will not be able to add it to your shopping cart.

How do your discount codes work?
If you have an applicable discount code, simply enter it into the discount code field in the checkout screen and hit apply. Some discounts, such as free shipping on orders of $30+ are applied automatically and do not require a discount code. Discount codes do not stack (one per order).

I am a tax exempt agency. How can I receive a tax exemption?

Agencies, non-profits and other organizations that qualify for a tax exemption are welcome to purchase on To avoid tax charges, please contact us BEFORE you place an order. To begin the tax exemption process, email your tax exemption certification to We are unable to issue refunds for taxes after an order has been submitted and taxes have been collected.

Can I make changes or cancel my order?

It depends. We work hard to process our orders and get them out the door to you as quickly as possible. Once the order reaches the processing stage, it cannot be changed. Please contact us at 888-457-5463 to inquire about whether you are within the timeframe to change or cancel an order.

Genuine Innovations Shipping

When will my order ship?
Orders ship out of our Ohio warehouse Monday through Friday. Please allow 7-10 business days for order processing and shipping transit time.

What countries do you ship to?
We currently ship to states within the domestic United States. International shipments, as well as shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, are not yet supported.

When will my order arrive?
In-stock orders ship out of our Ohio warehouse Monday through Friday. Please allow 7-10 business days for order processing and shipping transit time.

Can I track my order?
Yes. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.

How much does it cost to ship my order in the United States?
Genuine Innovations offers FREE US Standard shipping on orders over $30. This discount will be applied automatically to all applicable orders. For order less than $30, the following rates apply:

  • Standard ground shipping (Typically arrives in 3-4 business days): $8.00

Why can I only select ground shipping for my order?
Genuine Innovations’ products contain CO2. CO2 is a restricted product that cannot be shipped by air. These shipping restrictions mean that ground shipping is your only option when purchasing Genuine Innovations products.

Can I combine two orders?
It depends on when the order was placed. Please contact us at 888-457-5463 to inquire about combining two orders.

Can you split an order and ship it to multiple locations?
Unfortunately, we cannot ship to multiple locations at this time.

Can I change my shipping address on a recently placed order?
Once the order has been processed, the shipping address cannot be changed. Please contact us at 888-457-5463 to see if your order has been processed.

What if my item arrives damaged?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges help section for more information about damaged products.

Genuine Innovations Returns & Exchanges

Can I return a product?
We accept returns within 90 days of purchase. We only accept returns for items placed through our online website. Products purchased in store need to be returned to that store. Items must be in original condition, including packaging, in order to be returned. If Genuine Innovations made an error, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to cover the return shipping costs. If the return is not due to our error, the customer will be responsible for all return shipping costs.

What about your Lifetime Guarantee?
Genuine Innovations stands by our inflation technology. We are proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our inflator heads. If you have an inflator head fail, please call us at 888-457-5463 to get a replacement product. Please be prepared to provide photos of the failed device. The Lifetime Guarantee applies to inflator heads only.

Can I get a refund or exchange my product?
If the item is received back to us in an unused condition and original packaging, we will refund your credit card for the amount purchased. We do not offer product exchanges at this time. Please allow 2-4 weeks for refunds to be processed.

How do I return a product?
Please email to begin the returns process. Please include the name and part number of the product you are trying to return, as well as your reason why. A Genuine Innovations representative will be in touch within 48 hours.

Are there any products that I can’t return?
We currently don’t accept returns on Pop-Up Stores, Sales or Clearance items.

What happens if my product arrives damaged?
Please see the section above titled "How do I return a product?"

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