How to Plug a Tubeless Bicycle Tire

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle KitOne of the major benefits of tubeless tires is that they flat less often than traditional tires. But tubeless tires are not bullet proof and unfortunately, flats do still happen to even the most careful cyclists. And while tubeless sealant will take care of any small holes, some punctures are too large for even the best tubeless sealant to close up. When that happens, you need a more robust tool to repair your flat. 

Our go-to trailside solution to this flat tire problem is the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle Kit. Versatile, lightweight and strong, the Tubeless Tackle Kit has everything you need to make a quick flat tire repair. Check out the 4 simple steps below:

Step No. 1:

Thread one of the tough butyl rubber rope plugs through the needle of the plugger tool. In the Tubeless Tackle Kit, the plugger is located the head of the canister for easier insertion of the plug into the tire.

Genuine Innovations How to Plug a Tire 1

(Pro Tip – Some cyclists preload the plugger tool with a rope and store it loaded in the Tubeless Tackle Kit canister. That way, there is no need to try and thread the plugger while out on the trail. Just open and insert into tire.)

Genuine Innovations How to Plug a Tire 2

Step No. 2:

Find the offending puncture. Push the plugger tool (with the threaded rope) into the puncture in your tire. It works best if you push at a straight angle. Try to push at least half of the rope plug through the tire.

Genuine Innovations How to Plug a Tubeless Tire 3

Step No. 3:

Pull the plugger out of the tire using a quick, firm motion that leaves the rope inside the tire.

Genuine Innovations How to Plug a Tubeless Tire 4

Your successful plug should look something like this:

Genuine Innovations How to Plug a Tire 5

(Pro Tip – Sometimes more than one rope plug is needed to seal an especially nasty puncture. Don’t be afraid to double up if needed.)

Step No. 4:

Re-inflate your tire to replace any air that may have been lost during the repair process. We recommend using a handy CO2 tire inflator to quickly inject air into your tire and get you back on the trail (an easy solution that fits neatly in your bike bag).

Genuine Innovations Microflate Nano In Use

That’s it! Pretty easy, right? To repair future flats, you just need to make sure you have the right tools stashed in your bike bag or handlebars when you leave the house. Learn more about the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle Kit (and the Side of Bacon refill) here. Enjoy the ride!

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