About Us

For 30 years and counting, Genuine Innovations’ mission has been to educate bicycle riders about the power of C02 tire inflation. Our reliable and sturdy products allow cyclists of every level to have the easiest and fastest tire inflation experience so they can get back on the path or trail quickly.

Meet the Genuine Innovations Team

The Genuine Innovations Story

In 1989, the founders of Genuine Innovations harnessed the power of our planet's second most abundant gas and created a lighter, smaller, and faster way to inflate flat bike tires. The bicycle tire CO2 inflator was revolutionary, and over the years, millions of riders around the world have put their trust in Genuine Innovations' CO2 inflation products and accessories.

All Genuine Innovations CO2 inflators come with a Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing that you are purchasing the highest quality CO2 inflation products on the market. So whether you’re trying to get to work, or to the top of a mountain, Genuine Innovations products have you covered.

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