Car Tested, Bike Rider Approved

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Screw in car tireA quick review from Ariel Kent, posted to the Genuine Innovations Facebook page:

"Imagine yourself, 1000 miles from home. It's 10 PM at night and you have to be one the road at 6 AM. Imagine all of this and the fact that you just found a self-expanding sheetrock screw in one of your car tires.

Well crap, you think to yourself. You have to be on the road at 6 AM and no garages are going to be open that early. What you do have is some Genuine Innovations Strips of Bacon and a Tubeless Bike Tire Plug Kit. So like any good cyclist would do, you MacGyver your car tire with bike tire plugs.

Yeah, so it will probably hold until a garage opens and can plug it properly. So you get on the road at 6 AM and drive. You drive the 15 hours north and yep, it's still holding. If that's not a product test, than I don't know what is.

We drove from Asheville, NC back to Vermont and lost 1 psi every 2-4 hours or so. We'd stop, add a bit of air and keep driving. Obviously, I don't really recommend anyone try that, but it worked and I am pretty confident it will work on a bike tire just fine.

Car Tested, Bike Rider Approved."

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