Support the little guy

Date Posted: January 28th, 2017

Billy Brenden, West Coast Marketing Rep

Try Me Bicycle shop has been in the heart of Phoenix for decades. I guess it only makes sense that they LOVE Slime sealant with the multitude of sharp desert-y objects that blanket roads, bike paths and trails. I was met with a smile by owner Jeff upon entering the store and immediately noticed something different about this store. I think it might actually define "mom and pop shop". The bikes were less expensive and many were refurbished used bikes. The accessories were only what you might need and nothing more. And the staff of one was enthusiastic and keen to do service on anything that came through the door. Jeff told me about his shop and what it takes to keep the doors open in the world of the internet. He showed me various old or rare parts that only he would have in stock. And of course he showed me his 5 gallon barrel of slime that he put on rollers to get around and even out of the shop. Apparently Try Me was an early adopter of Slime products and never looked for anything better because it works so good. I left them with Slime banners, counter mats, samples of various tubes and accessories. They left me with a renewed faith in the small bike shop just around the corner.

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