Seth's Bike Hacks Holiday Collection

Date Posted: December 3rd, 2018

Seth's Bike Hacks Holiday CollectionWe love our Tubeless Tackle Kit and Side of Bacon! Time and time again, we have seen it get cyclists out of a bind and back on the road or trail. But don't take our word for it. Trust the seal of approval from Seth at Seth's Bike Hacks.

Here are his recommendations for great Genuine Innovations gifts this holiday season:

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle Kit
Tubeless Tackle Kit

One tubeless bicycle tire tool to rule them all. Compact and versatile, this is the ultimate tubeless tire repair tool. Never get stuck on the side of the trail again!

Genuine Innovations Side of BaconSide of Bacon
Feeling hungry after repairing those flats? Fill your plate with 20 of our top selling rope plugs! Plug pesky punctures in seconds and cycle confident for many rides to come. Eggs and toast not included.

Seth also had some recommended gift items for our sister brand, Slime:

"There was a big opportunity for someone to solve all the problems with traditional tubeless sealant, and Slime nailed it. I don't need any of my hacks to get Slime Tubeless Sealant to work, it just does."

Slime Tubeless Premium SealantTubeless Premium Sealant
Slime's Premium Tubeless Sealant is everything you could want in a bike tire sealant. Protecting you from tears and slits, Slime's tubeless sealant is designed to stay liquid longer, seal faster, extend the lifespan of your tires and carry you farther.

Slime Aluminum Presta Valve StemsPresta Valve Stems - Aluminum
Shed some grams and add some bling. These green anodized aluminum valve stems feature a conical grommet for solid valve hole contact and a tighter air seal. Sized 44mm in length and includes a removable valve core for versatility among different rim types.

Slime Presta/Schrader Valve Core Tool

Presta/Schrader Valve Core Tool
With a Schrader core remover on one end and a Presta remover on the other, you can’t go wrong with this zinc alloy valve core remover tool. Threads apart in the middle and contains two Presta cores with a rubber o-ring for a watertight closure.

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