Introducing IBD Connect: An Online Resource for Bike Shops

Date Posted: February 23rd, 2018

IBD Connect HomepageCyclists and bike shops are the lifeline for innovation at Genuine Innovations. We rely on feedback, suggestions and criticism from the bike community to drive the direction of our new product releases.

Communicating strictly through distributors sometimes means a loss of connection with our valued bike shops. Distributors must focus on an incredible wealth of brands, so we don't always hear what bike shops need and bike shops often do not hear about new product releases and improvements.

To improve this situation, we are pleased to announce a new online marketing portal called IBD Connect. Designed to help bike shops learn and sell more, IBD Connect is the new one-stop-shop for all your Genuine Innovations product needs. Shop for product, get photos and videos to educate staff and consumers, and learn how to better merchandise in your store. Through IBD Connect, bike shops can:

  • IBD Connect Product PageIBD Connect BlogGain early access to new products
  • Buy directly from Genuine Innovations
  • Receive monthly discounts and prizes
  • Participate in contests and giveaways
  • Ask questions to our flat tire repair experts
  • Learn merchandising best practices
  • Access photos and videos to help you sell more

Interested in signing up for IBD Connect (it's free!)? Watch this short video to learn how:

Join IBD Connect Video

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