This is an amazing story…

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Joe Bowman, Consumer Marketing Manager

Hector met us at Wildflower Triathlon in San Antonio…he was due on stage in a few hours to do a demonstration.
He is a 4x Ironman and finisher of over 115 Triathlons!
He lost his arm and hands in a power line repair accident.

So, do you think it's easy to change a flat tire? Imagine not having any hands!

While talking and answering questions the whole time, Hector replaced his tube for us on stage in 13 minutes, but he can actually do it in half the time. Click on the video link below to see!

Watch this amazing story!

Fixing a bike flat with no hands. Now, uses the Genuine Innovations Ultraflate and X-Mount with a 20 gram cartridge and he will train and race with Slime Lite Tubes with Slime Inside to prevent flats and as back-up tubes for pinch flats.

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