Pulling the Trigger on CO2 Inflation

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Genuine Innovations Trigger-Controlled TechnologyWhen it comes to selecting the perfect CO2 inflator for your bicycle bag, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Which is why Genuine Innovations offers a variety of different technologies to fit your particular desires. Push-to-inflate, twist-to-inflate or trigger-controlled, we’ve got ‘em all! Today we are going to focus on the benefits of trigger-controlled CO2 inflation:

Get Trigger-Happy

What does it mean for your CO2 inflation device to be trigger-controlled? Some CO2 inflator heads do not allow you to control the flow of CO2. As soon as you puncture the CO2 cartridge, the air comes screaming out, regardless if you are ready and attached to the valve stem or not (often resulting in lost CO2).

With Genuine Innovations’ inflator heads, you are in control. Typically found on cupped inflators, trigger-controlled heads do not dispense CO2 until you pull on the lever (or trigger). Genuine Innovations’ trigger inflators also contain special trigger locks that prevent accidental gas discharge while the inflator is bouncing around in your bike bag.

Cyclists who want more than just the inflator head lean toward our cupped, trigger-controlled inflators to keep their hands off the freezing cartridge and their CO2 system in one tidy package. Genuine Innovations offers two trigger flavors:


Genuine Innovations Ultraflate CO2 Inflator

Comfortable, durable and most of all reliable, our Ultraflate is our most tried and true cupped inflator. Its reinforced glass nylon construction and brass internals means it can take the strain of everyday use and still maintain precision inflation performance. Works with both Presta and Schrader valves, plus you can store the 20 gram cartridge in the cup until you are ready to use it.

Full Metal Jacket

Genuine Innovations Full Metal JacketLocked and loaded, the Full Metal Jacket is ready to defend you in the battle against flat tires. She may look heavy, but don't let her curves fool you. This durable beauty is made out of aluminum so you can get the best of both worlds: Rugged and lightweight. Auto-selects between Presta and Schrader valves, plus you can store the 20 gram cartridge in the cup until you are ready to use it.

No matter which inflation technology you select, you can guarantee that Genuine Innovations’ CO2 inflator heads all offer the reliable, fast and easy CO2 power that you have come to expect from our brand. Ride Under Pressure!

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