Bike Safety

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

By Joe Bowman, Consumer Marketing Manager

“No matter where your destination, we are committed to getting you there safely.”

We love colored bike lanes. The added awareness factor makes it so much safer. Thanks to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University for adding the rumble-bumps to your green bike lane on campus. Safer riding leads to more riding….and less vehicles on the road.

Flat tires are enough to worry about. Ride with our patch kits or spare tubes and CO2 cartridges with the Nano, Air Chuck or HammerHead valve to recover from flats faster. It’s the safe thing to do, when riding on the road. Even help a friend. Ride safely.

To learn more about safer bike lanes … check out these tips from our favorite bike coalition:

…even more about safety on the road. The good news: Drunk driving fatalities are declining. The bad news: Traffic deaths caused by drivers who are texting are going up. In fact, the National Highway Safety Administration has reported that texting and driving is six times more dangerous than drinking and getting behind the wheel. The National Safety Council adds that texting is responsible for about 1.6 million accidents every year.

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