Van Life

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Macky Franklin, Sponsored Athlete

Since we got back from South America in early April, Syd and I have been living in Great White the Adventure Van, our 1998 Ford E-250 cargo van. She's old, with lots of miles (183,000) and plenty of rust, but she runs and has taken us to some cool places! For those of you who are into van life (and admit it, who isn't?), here are some detail shots and a video tour so you can see what our setup looks like.

The little details that make it a living space: pack hooks, sticker wall, hat rack and moto chock.

All loaded up and ready to roll!

The rooftop bedroom.

The license plate and custom hinging receiver were our additions.
The rust and phone numbers on the ceiling, not so much...

Our custom cupboard for shoes, helmets and van repair necessities.

It's also worth noting that including buying her, we've spent just over $3,000 setting her up and most of our modifications can be easily removed and transferred to another van when she stops driving!


  • Van (minus selling the AT&T electronics that came in her on Ebay) - $1270
  • New All-Terrain tires - $500
  • Custom hinging hitch receiver - $500
  • Bike rack - $150
  • Rotating passenger seat base - $250
  • Moto chocks - $70
  • Yakima feet and bars - $115
  • Roof box - $100
  • Seat covers - $15
  • 12v LED strip lighting - $25
  • Air filter - $20
  • Oil change (5 times - we do them ourselves) - $125
  • Spark plugs (also did ourselves) - $25
  • WD-40 to remove the AT&T sticker residue - $10
  • Windshield wipers - $15

Total: $3,190

We got lucky enough not to have to buy the rooftop tent as Syd's parents weren't using it anymore so it's on permanent loan to us! Thanks Jim and Ellen!

And here's a video tour:

See you on the road!

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