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Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

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Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails to hit in 2016 – United States

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Here is your country, cherish these national wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage. ”With that thought, we reached out to our community and asked what top Mountain bike trails they wanted to hit on their bikes this year. Here is their top 10, and befitting that #1 is from Roosevelt Park:

#1 Maah Daah Hey Trail – North Dakota

This trail goes right through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park for some spectacular views.If you get lucky, you’ll ride beside some buffalo or Elk!

#2 The Flume Trail – Lake Tahoe, Nevada

With some high drop off cliffs, and countless spectacular views.This one is easily a breathtaker.

#3 SEAtrails – Alaska

This one is on the list mainly because it is uniquely cool. No where else you are going to find a trail where you have to hop to multiple islands via ferry, camp on beaches, and worry about bears.Oh, and don’t forget the incredibly fresh air and gorgeous views!

#4 – The Whole Enchilada – Utah

Utah has some spectacular views, and this particular trail, well, it will take your breath away as well.With over 7,000 vertical feet of downhill covering 28 miles, you better be in shape as you drop into the Colorado river!

#5 – Mt. Tamalpais – San Francisco

This state park is just north of San Francisco and runs right next to Muir Woods.With breathtaking views, great trails, and some very big trees you can ride and relax with nature.Oh, and then go get a bite to eat in the city…

#6 Arizona Trails – Arizona

This is over 800 miles of trails and terrains that can take you from North of the Grand Canyon to Mexico. If you have a spare week, some endurance, and want to see many beautiful parts of the Grand Circle and Arizona, this is a great ride.Oh, and if you plan it in the spring, you might catch some Spring Training baseball games on the way!

#7 Colorado Trail – Colorado

We all love the Rockies, and the state offers some of the best trails to travel through the Rockies.

#8 Camba Trails – Wisconsin

This one was added because it’s designed for Fat bikes in the winter, and we didn’t want to leave our oversized friends out of list. Carved through areas of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest are about a million acres of trails.

#9 Awa'awapuhi Trail – Kauai, Hawaii

Well, since we hit Alaska, it would be rude to leave out our other non-continental state.Although relatively short at about 8 miles, it has a 4,000’ descent as well as a 2,000 foot drop off if you miss a turn on the trail.Oh, and you’re in Hawaii, staring at the Napali Coast, what could be better?

#10 – Monarch Crest Trail – Colorado

The best part of this trail is the shuttle ride. You can conserve your energy for the 35 miles and 6,000 feet of downhill, starting at just over 11,000 feet. Get to Colorado a few days early, so you can adjust for the change in oxygen.

Also, a great site to see what the community has rated as the best Mountain bike rides is via the MTB project:

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