Spring is Coming

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Billy Brendan, GI Sales Account Manager

With spring on the way, it’s important to give your bike a good going through. Dust it off, lube the chain, go through the gears, check the tires and look inside your saddle bag.Check the saddle bag? Absolutely. If you live in a climate where you’ve hung your bike up for the winter you likely do not remember the last time you used a cartridge or a tube from that bag. I know I’ve gone out for an early season ride, punctured a tire and had two useless, empty cartridges in my saddle bag.It’s also a good idea to take your spare tube out and make sure it holds air.When I puncture on the road and put in a new tube I sometimes forget to patch the punctured tube or replace it.This ends up interrupting your ride for 10-15 minutes instead of 2-3 if you have a saddle bag with everything you need.

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