Oh… the dangers of riding.

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Casey Mena, Genuine Innovations Brand Manager

Alarm goes off. You wake up, put on your cycling gear, pack your bag and head out to shred your favorite mountain trail. You fire up the truck, windows down. As you breathe in, you can taste the fresh mountain air. You think to yourself “It’s going to be a good ride today.” You get to the trail head and just as you’re about to clip in you see something in the distance. An eerie feeling creeps over you as you realize you’re not alone. As you search the grass deeper you realize you’re being stalked. It’s a mountain lion!

What would you do if this happened to you on the trail? Would you be prepared?

You never think it will happen until it does and this guy does everything you should do when you run into a hungry, unexpected visitor on the trail.

Check out this video…

Don’t want to end up someone’s dinner on your next ride?

Check out these 4 easy steps to protect yourself the next time you head out to your favorite trail:

  1. Maintain Eye contact – When you’re being stalked by a predator, eye contact is crucial. Never lose sight of where the animal is. Avoid bending down or turning your back to them. You want them to think you are a predator too. NEVER run away!
  2. Be BIG – Put your arms up in the air to make yourself seem bigger and more intimidating than the predator stalking you. Take your pack or jacket off, hold it up in the air and move it slowly over your head if necessary.
  3. Be LOUDSpeak very loud, yell, shout, bang branches. Do anything you can to make yourself as intimidating as possible. Disrupt its predatory nature and let the predator know you are not afraid of them.
  4. Create Distance (Slowly) – Look at your location and surroundings. Make sure the predator has an exit route if it decides it does not want you as its next meal. If it does not have an exit route, back slowly to a spot that will provide it room to escape. While doing this, make sure you keep eye contact and do not turn your back.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything when you’re out on the trail alone. You never know who may be watching you.

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