On the road with Billy.

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

If you’ve ever been to Cortez, Colorado there are two things you need to know: Go to Kokopelli Bike and Board, and ride Phil’s World. Kokopelli has everything you need to repair and prevent flat tires (and much, much more). They also have an extremely friendly and helpful staff. From ownership to retail to mechanics, they are top notch. You’ll be greeted kindly, helped thoroughly and walk out of there knowing you’ve been given excellent service. They will also point you to the best, and I mean THE BEST mountain bike trail you’ve ever been on. It’s called Phil’s World and it has everything. Some technical rocky sections, short climbs, ultra-flowy rollers and “the smile might never leave your face” Rib Cage section. Everything on this unreal 28 mile loop is one-way traffic single track. If you haven’t been here, get here. You will not be disappointed.

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