Crossing our Nation One Step at a Time

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

4 Corners Charity

If there is one important marketing tip that I have learned, it is to always carry samples of your products with you. You never know when you will meet a man pulling a 3-wheeler cart to every corner of the USA to help others.

My chance encounter with army veteran Eli Smith was at Scotty's BBQ in Atascadero, California, where we were both enjoying an amazing meal (Eli claimed this was his "best sandwich yet! Wow, what was in that thing?”). Flats suck when you are trying to walk around the country with a small trailer in tow, so I gave him our flat tire repair kit with patches, tire levers, CO2 and inflator. Always be prepared!

4 Corners Charity and Genuine Innovations

Why is Eli on his trek across the nation? On average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Eli’s mission is to bring people together from all four corners of America to help our veterans in need, raise awareness for PTSD, and to support organizations that serve our veterans.

Walking about 10 to 13 miles per day, Eli is on a four-year journey to travel the 13,000 miles on his map. But if Eli can help lower the veteran suicide rate by any means, he will consider his travels around the United States a success.

This blog was submitted by Consumer Marketing Director and Genuine Innovations brand advocate, Joe Bowman.

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