A cyclocross winter?

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Cam Phillips, East Coast Rep

It’s that gray time of year. Time to put away that road bike for the year and settle for inactivity as we roll through the holidays. Or you can challenge yourself with the riding discipline of cyclocross. If you don’t know already, cyclocross is a hybrid of road and mountain biking that is traditionally raced during the months of September through January, rain or shine. This past weekend some of the country’s best ‘cross riders converged in Louisville, Kentucky at the renowned Eva Bandman park. The park opened in 2009, and even hosted the UCI World Championships in 2013. It is one of the few parks in the country dedicated and open to cyclocross year-round, which is very rare for this seasonal type of cycling. Slime & Genuine Innovations was there for it all to support and provide prizes to all the winners from the busy weekend. If you’re looking to fill the gap between the riding seasons, or work on your bike handling skills, give ‘cross a try. Hope to see you there!

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