Andes-Pacifico 5-day Enduro

Date Posted: December 31st, 1969

Authored by: Macky Franklin, Sponsored Athlete

The first race of Syd and my 2016 season was the Andes-Pacifico Enduro, a five-day race starting in Santiago, Chile and finishing on the beach of the Pacific. Over the five days, we climbed more than 22,000 feet and rode (and hiked) more than 100 miles. The terrain varied from the classic Chilean anti-grip (half a foot of loose gravel) to high-speed ruts to pine forests and after 20 race stages, Syd finished 7th in the Pro women (1st US woman) and I finished 10th in the Pro men (2nd US man).

The race was a blast. Great trails, a fun crew of racers and amazing food. The menu included things like homemade thin-crust pizza, Chilean steak (Chile is known for its steak) and mote con huesillo (a strange but delicious Chilean drink that I won't even bother attempting to describe). We met tons of cool people and connected with Chilean friends who we hadn't seen for a couple of years.

Here is the video from my best race stage of the week. It was on the third day and I finished in third place. Feel free to check out the other videos in the playlist as well. I uploaded a video of one stage from each day to give an idea of the different terrain we encountered.

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